Maya Baly Angulo


Forging a Gender Equal USA

ERA, Representation and Empowerment


International Women's Day 2021 Event


Event Coordinator -

I handled all outreach to speakers and promotion of the event across social media

Bringing together expert scholars in the field of gender and politics including leading scholar on the Equal Rights Amendment, Professor Julie Suk, and gender parity and Committee on the Status of Women advisor, Professor Jennifer Piscopo, this event challenged attendees to consider what a gender-equal USA might look like – including the possibilities, limitations, and barriers to ratifying the ERA.

#UPR2020 Campaign

Putting “U” in the UPR Adoption Phase


#UPRUSA2020 Hashtag Campaign


Graphic Design


January – May 2021

The #UPRUSA2020 Hashtag Campaign encouraged UNA-USA members to post on social media their efforts to encourage their representatives and other US officials to adopt the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review of the United States.

I supported the head of the Human Rights Affinity Group by creating graphics for Instagram that highlighted which representatives and officials to target advocacy efforts toward during the campaign.